Laser Mayhem


Using nothing but the best military grade laser guns as used for real combat training by Royal Marine & Army Commando’s.

The Laser-Mayhem team kit you out in full camouflaged combat clothing, face paint and give you the choice of weapon, that are state of the art military grade laser guns fitted with real red dot laser sights that fire a harmless beam at an incredible 400m. They give you and your teammates a full mission brief and then let you loose to do a battle of wits, cunning and courage in our purpose built battlefield using many of our different and challenging scenarios.

Supplying unlimited ammo, lives and unlimited orange squash throughout the day, they even have guest appearances on the battlefield of their very own Call of Duty Juggernaut.

Laser-Mayhem is suitable for visitors aged six and over and prices range depending on the ages and amount of those taking part. They operate all year round including evenings, school holidays and weekends, so gather your soldiers and come and have some amazing fun in the forest.